Ban Thai Spa Marais - Contemporary asian SPA - Traditionnal Thai massage

Ban Thai Spa Marais - Contemporary asian SPA - Traditionnal Thai massage

The location

BAN THAI SPA, is the new home of Thai Massage, 300 square meters totally dedicated to the Art of Relaxation and Well-Being. 20 massage stations created by the Interior designer Loi Tran, the decor carefully designed to stimulate all the senses, and create a real sense of escapism. The team have all been trained at the traditional Wat Po Massage School in Bangkok. Enjoy with us an unforgettable experience of intense interior harmony. Open daily 11AM to 9 PM

68, rue de la Verrerie - 75004 Paris
+33 1 42 77 28 28

The press


Un salon de massage dans un mélange incroyable de zen et de décompression. Les masseuses sont des professionnelles, à l’écoute de vos attentes et savent adapter les massages à vos contraintes physiques. Enfin, c’est pour moi le Spa le plus propre de Paris, l’hygiène des lieux est digne d’un palace.

~ Guillaume ~

Je suis un grand amateur de massage de par le monde. Ceux de Ban Thaï font partie des meilleurs á Paris. Le massage Thaï sec est topissime. On vous stretch, marche sur le dos. Que du bonheur. En plus ceux sont de vraies masseuses Thaï formées là-bas.

~ Lolo ~

Je suis allée aujourd'hui, grâce a un carte cadeau qu'une amie m'a offert pour une massage thaï d'une heure, et c'étais vraiment bien. La femme était très professionnelle, très douce. Le massage a même duré 1h10 et on a droit a une boisson avant et après le massage. J’étais vraiment contente de la prestation et j'y retournerai !

~ Adèle ~

Massage thaï duo extraordinaire, dans un cadre magique, et un accueil plus que parfait. Les masseuses sont très pro, et c'est du pur régal. Le thé au riz accompagné de fruits servi à la fin est délicieux …

~ Michel ~


solo ou duo

Traditional Thai Massage - Nuad BO-Rarn - has itsorigins in Shiatsu, Indian Massage and Yoga..

The fundamental principles are based on the use of deep manual pressure applied to energy points and lines, known as ‘sen” ; 72000 of them are known in the human body. In practice, however, only 10 are used in Thai Massage. Thai Massage is the art of Touch. It uses deep pressure, precisely applied by the masseuse using her thumbs, knees and feet...

Pressure from the palms helps you relax and let go. The stretching movements involved in Thai Massage aid relaxation, revitalisation, the release of tension and make the body more supple..

Traditional Thai Massage is carried out lying on the floor, covering the whole body, starting with the feet and finishing with the head, in order to release “bad energy” from the top. Practised over thousands of years, Thai Massage is an invitation to awaken all the senses and achieve harmony of the mind and body. To round off the massage, a fantastic facial massage with hot towels.

Traditional Thai Massage is not recommended for :Pregnant Women and people suffering from cardiac conditions or diabetes.

Orginating from a Chinese Massage around 3000 years old, Thai Foot Massage in fact involves a massage right up to the groin area. Using a Camphor and Menthol scented cream, the massage involves a series of drainage and pressure movements on the “Sen” meridians..

Foot Massage involves Reflexology of the sole , the upper part of the foot, and the sides are stimulated using a traditional wooden massage stick. The effects are immediate, powerful and long-lasting.

Thai Foot Massage uses a series of complete movements. All parts of the foot and leg are treated, even under and between the toes. During « Thai Foot Massage », the leg is kept wrapped up in a towel, to relax the muscles, then deep pressure is applied to the energy lines and points. Thai Foot Massage is an integral part of Thai culture and, down the ages, has become a real way of life..

Taken regularly, this very effective massage helps physical well-being and makes daily life more harmonious. Thai Foot Massage lasts for about an hour and ends with a massage, in a sitting position, of the back, arms and head.
This massage is ideal for pregnant women.

Thai Aromatic Oil Massage alternates smooth movements and the application of deep pressure, with tapping and friction movements for the relief of tense muscles. Kneading the muscles with palms is designed to relieve the effects of stress, and to re-balance the flow of energy around the body.

The effects of the oil used are are calming, purifying and ensure deep relaxation. Total well-being is ensured by the beneficial effects of the carefully-selected essential oils used in this massage, including Jasmine and Green Tea, as well as a specially desgned anti-stress mixture from the “Panpuri” range which is available at the best spas in Thailand.

Thai Aromatic Oil Massage is a relaxing combination, allying the virtues of the specially selected aromatic oil with the effectiveness of Thai massage, working on the flow of energy between energy points and along energy lines.

Aromatic Oil Massage is at the same time both relaxing and invigorating.

Originating in India, this massage uses warm aromatic oils, kept at a constant temperature throughout. Thai Hot Oils Massage stimulates the essential sensory organs and can help to prevent numerous ailments.

Thai Hot Oils Massage alternates smooth movements and deep pressure, accompanied by tapping and rubbing movements to relieve the tensest muscles. Thanks to the kneading of muscles with palms, Thai Hot Oils Massage releases tension and helps balance the free circulation of energy.

The oils used are calming and purifying, ensuring deep relaxation. The fragrances selected, such as Jasmine and Green Tea ; ensure total well-being.

This relaxing massage combines the therapeutic effects of the oils, with the effectiveness of Traditional Thai Massage in clearing energy points and lines.

Thai Hot Oils Massage is both relaxing and stimulating at the same time.

This Four-Handed Massage alternates smooth movements and deep pressure to relieve tense muscles.

Simultaneous kneading movements release tension and help to balance the free circulation of energy.

A unique moment of pure bliss.

Thai Herbal Massage involves the application of plant extracts over the body.. The plants, preferably freshly cut, are crushed, mixed and placed in a small cloth package – the “ballot”. Heated by a steaming process, the plants (such as Bergamot, Ginger, Acacia, Citronella, Camphor and Eucalyptus) release their active agents under the effect of the steam..

The package is applied to the body over a period of thirty minutes, with emphasis on tense or painful zones. This massage frees the body of daily stress and the skin is left free of impurities... Utter bliss.

Please note that this massage massage is always given in combination with an initial 1h massage – either Traditional Thai, or Aromatic Oils.

Foot Massage 30’ Thai Massage 1h

Foot Massage 30’
Oil Massage 1 hr

solo ou duo

After 20 minutes Hammam, you’ll enjoy traditional Thai body scrub, where the delicate scent and the various benefits of it twill definitely free your mind end body.
The ritual ends up with one hour with aromatic oil massage at Paris that will totally magnify your skin

To begin with: a FOOT Massage for the first hour, the choice is then open between: a Traditional Thai Massage or an Aromatic Oils Massage.

To complete this relaxing experience: A session in the steam room / sauna for thirty minutes.
Hot Oils option : 10€

massage thai 1h + hammam+ massage aux huiles 1h

Reflexologie 1h+ un massage thai ou aux huiles de 1h30

Foot Massage 1h
Thai massage 1h
Steam bath 30’
Oil Massage 1h

Foot Massage 1h
Thai Massage 1h
Steam bath: 30’
Body scrub 30’
Oil massage 1h

A special rate for a harmonious combination of massages lasting three hours, including Foot Massage, Thai Traditional Massage and Aromatic Oils Massage.

Hot Oils option: 10€

A total bliss package. A combination of Foot Massage, Traditional Thai Massage (1h30), a relaxing 30 minute break in the Steam Bath, finishing off with a relaxing Aromatic Oils Massage.

Hot Oil option: 10€


After relaxing in a delicious herbal Jacuzzi for thirty minutes, we treat you both to a one-hour Aromatic Oils Massage in the Executive Room.
Hot Oils option : 10 €

We start with a 30-minute private Jacuzzi, we cleanse our body with a 30-minute scrub and we end with a one-hour aromatic oils massage.

Steam room 30’ + Oil massage 1 hr for 2 and private Jacuzzi 30’

Steam room 30’
Body scrub 30’
Oil massage 1hr for 2 and private Jacuzzi 30’

Share a moment of absolute relaxation with this all-inclusive combination of massages : Foot Massage (1h), Traditional Thai Massage, , a relaxing break in a herbal Jacuzzi for twenty minutes, an Aromatic Oils Massages, then to finish, a 30-minute session in the Sauna / Steam Bath.

Hot Oils option : 10 €